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  • NERLITE® Dark Field
Dark Field Illuminators

Available in 2 colors & 5 sizes
Effective, low-angle illumination
Enhances contrast of surface features

Smart Series DOAL Illuminators

4 sizes
High intensity
Built in controller
Superior uniformity
3 colors and infrared
Compact & lightweight

  • NERLITE® Dome
Dome Illuminators

Easily integrated
Available in 2 colors
Uniform illumination
Economical and general purpose design

  • NERLITE® Backlight
Edge-to-Edge Backlights

4 sizes available
M12 connectors
Ease of integration
High level of uniformity
Edge-to- Edge technology
Low profile, compact shape
3 colors & infrared available

Smart Series MAX Illuminators

2 Colors and 3 Sizes
Smart Series Technology
Brightest LED's in their class
LED vision lighting technology
Versatile 10 degree spot or 50 degree flood lens options

  • NL-200 Series
NL-200 Series
DIN rail mounting
Self-diagnosed status
Resident Web server option
Ethernet and manual panel control options
Compatible with ANY standard Nerlite lighting product
Controls in continuous, strobe or switched mode

  • NERLITE® Pharmalite
Smart Series Pharmalite
Direct mounting
Built in controller
Integrated pulse width modulation (PWM)

  • NERLITE® Ring Light
Smart Series Ring Illuminators

3 sizes
Optional adapter
Smart Series technology
3 colors, ultraviolet & infrared
Durable and versatile for any lighting application

  • LVS-7000
LVS-7000 Print Quality Inspection System

Roll mapping
100% inspection
ISO verification module
Master to label comparison
Sequential/ random validation
Delta E color process control

  • LVS-7500
LVS-7500 Print Quality Inspection System

Number Validation
Label Printer Compatibility
Optical Character Recognition (OCR)
Optical Character Verification (OCV)
Master to Label Comparison (Blemish Detection)

  • LVS-7510
LVS-7510 Print Quality Inspection System

NEW! Now compatible with ZEBRA ZT610
Error notification
Accuracy and data integrity
Validated system applications
Database archive and connectivity

  • MS–Connect 210
MS-Connect 210 Connectivity Solution with Ethernet

Fast installation
Easy maintenance
Informative display
Ethernet connectivity
Additional power options
IP65 rated industrial design

  • PanelScan
PanelScan PCB Traceability System

Easily integrated
Scalable software
Large area imaging
Remote configuration
Intuitive user interface
Inline decoding and verification of 1D/2D codes

  • Visionscape® GigE
Visionscape GigE Integrated Vision Solution

User Interfaces
Gigabit Ethernet
Flexible Configuration
Single Camera Systems

  • Vision MINI Smart Camer
Vision MINI Smart Camera

OEM- Ready
Storage for Multiple jobs
Powerful Capabilities
Long term availability and reliability

  • HAWK MV-4000
HAWK MV-4000

Full Industrial Connectivity
Extremely Rugged
Powerful and Flexible
High Frame Rate Sensors
Complete Vision, Code Reading and Code Verification Toolset
Near PC Processing Speeds
Fully Accessorized with Lenses, Lights, Cables and Mounts
Programmed Using AutoVISION or Visionscape

  • MicroHAWK Engine
MicroHAWK Engine

Highly Modular
Extremely Powerful
Modular OEM Imaging

  • MV-40
MicroHAWK Smart Cameras

Fully Integrated
Extremely powerful
Compact and lightweight
MV-40: Industrial Ethernet Smart Camera

  • MV-30
MicroHAWK Smart Cameras

Fully Integrated
Extremely powerful
Compact and lightweight
MV-30: Miniature Serial/USB Smart Camera

  • MV-20
MicroHAWK Smart Cameras

Fully Integrated
Extremely powerful
Compact and lightweight
MV-20: OEM Smart Camera

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